Thank you for visiting my little blog! I sincerely appreciate your support and I can only hope that you find some delicious inspiration. Care to know a little bit about me? Well, you’ve come to the right place…


Parsnips and Pastries stems from a lifetime love affair with food and writing. The name itself is derived from balance and the way I tend to live my life. I love eating healthy, fresh, organic, and clean… with the occasional indulgence. After all, what is life without cake? (Answer: No life at all.)

I see great beauty and art in both the simplicity of produce and the laborious handmade pastry. There is surely beauty in the underrated parsnip; the sturdy, primitive root has a long and patient journey that begins with seeds that take longer to germinate than nearly any other vegetable. The patience and passion of the farmer is as inspiring to me as the patience and passion of a pastry chef, baker, or cook. There is not much in this world as gorgeous as freshly baked braided breads, delicate tarts, or lovely layered cakes.

"People who love to eat are always the best people." - Julia Child


So, what will you find here? Lots of recipes and lots of variety. I will be posting something for everyone and the blog will reflect how I eat myself. I enjoy eating a 75% plant-based diet with a focus on balance and nutrition. On this blog, you will find everything from vegan to paleo to indulgent desserts.

While I try to eat healthy daily, I do eat occasional sweets. I am a professional Pastry Chef, after all! Life is about balance and I will never deny myself a piece of birthday cake or a home-baked treat that someone took the time, effort, and love to make.

I love experimenting with different recipes, techniques, and regional cuisines. I would try anything once! As the blog develops, expect to also see entries on culinary trends, travel adventures, entertaining ideas, DIY health + home, and more.

"Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures." - M.F.K. Fisher


Hi there! My name is Tiffany. I’m a 30-year-old lady who loves to bake, drink Champagne for no reason at all, hang out with my Corgi, do yoga, travel, and eat breakfast for dinner.

hi, guys!

My love for food and cooking has always been a constant in my life. Perhaps it started when I was young, standing on my tip-toes to help my grandmother in the kitchen. Perhaps I realized it when I connected food with emotion and understood that one of the most simple but beautiful things that we could do for someone else is feed them.

My career in food started when I was in high school and worked as a hostess and waitress at a busy chain restaurant (no names mentioned, but let’s just say it rhymes with Smoutback). What started as a part-time job to put myself through college ended up becoming something that would help me discover my passion. I loved the dizzying dance of the restaurant business and I was constantly baking, testing new recipes, and reading as many cookbooks as I could get my hands on. In 2006, after completing my sophomore year of college, I realized that what I really wanted to do with my life was cook and bake professionally. I enrolled in a culinary school in New York City, graduated with a degree in Pastry Arts, did my internship at a Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant, and the rest was history.

For the past decade, I’ve worked at restaurants, bakeries, and hotels throughout the country, from renowned 4-star Manhattan restaurants to the largest urban waterfront resort on the West Coast. My professional journey has endured grueling 18-hour days, constantly being in the “weeds” during holidays, and massive amounts of caffeine. From meticulously icing tiered wedding cakes to the Saturday night dinner rush, I have enjoyed every step along the way.

A peek at my work:


I have always wanted to start a food blog but I never had the time. I’ve worked full-time (with way-more-than-full-time-hours) since I was 18. A recent health issue has caused me to temporarily be unable to do that. Now, all I have had is extra time. And more time. I’ve taken a depressing and somber situation and turned it into developing my food blog, focusing on my freelance writing, and planning my future business.

When I’m not in a kitchen, you could find me at wine bars, dog parks with my Corgi, consuming lethal amounts of coffee, hiking the Pacific Northwest, volunteering, or getting my “ohm” on at community meditation and yoga.

I’m from New Jersey, but being an Army brat has given me the opportunity to also live in San Diego. I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my husband, Ryan, and our Corgi, Cocoa.

If you’d like to read my Portland-based food writing, you can do so here (Noise & Color PDX) and here ( I also write for Mode Media’s Foodie Channel.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard


My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, and if you tell me that Frozen is better, we might have a problem.

I’m a huge Broadway nerd.

My all-time favorite TV shows are LOST, Chuck, + Buffy. Currently I’m watching and loving Stranger Things, Westworld, Black Mirror, Documentary Now, and Luke Cage.

My favorite author is Ernest Hemingway.

My favorite chefs are Thomas Keller and Marcus Samuelsson.

I work as a background actor in the summer for the TV show Portlandia.

My favorite band is DMB. I stopped counting how many of their concerts I’ve seen when I got to 50.

San Diego Comic Con is my version of Disneyland.

My ‘last meal on earth’ request would be breakfast for dinner. Both pancakes AND waffles are a must.

I hate ketchup, and not in a ‘dislike the taste’ kind-of-way, but in a really odd ‘I’m actually terrified of it and I don’t know why’ kind-of-way.

I love Corgis. (see below)



This is Cocoa. I use the term “assistant” loosely. She mainly just impatiently waits for scraps to fall, and helps me keep my kitchen floor clean. She loves long walks, rolling in the grass, and cheese. She’s silly, funny, a true foodie, sometimes cranky, and the love & joy of my life. Follow Cocoa the Corgi on Instagram!

All graphics on my website are made by me. The watercolor images on my Recipe Index page + my banner are from the talented The Smell of Roses. I also use watercolor backgrounds from the talented Angie Makes.