Beauty Must-Haves for Winter! From hydrating clay masks to moisturizing night creams to the prettiest statement hues, these are my picks for the Bath, Body, and Beauty Must-Haves for Winter 2017.

Oh, winter. You were a forced to be reckoned with this year, and I wasn’t prepared. Even though every Westeros resident kept trying to warn me you were coming.

There’s only one word for my winter skin this year: Sad. But I don’t want it to be sad. I want it to be happy again.

I’ve decided to put together this post on my favorite products that I’ve been obsessed with this winter. These products are hydrating, restoring, effective, and perfect to cheer up sad winter skin. I combine a little bit of something for everyone, but expect to find masks, moisturizers, toners, natural deodorant, bath salts, microdermabrasion scrubs, lipsticks and gloss, BB cream, body wash, and lotions!

For this post, I chose to highlight my favorite products and several other products from that brand, since these are all brands I love and stand behind. Most of these brands are all-natural, organic, and vegan. You can learn about the brand and why they’re great under Why You’ll Love the Company.

Disclaimer: The links I’ve included are mainly through Amazon (for one-stop shopping/convenience) or directly through the company’s site. Some of these links are affiliate links. I did not receive monetary compensation for this Beauty Must-Haves for Winter post and this post is not sponsored. However, I did receive some products complimentary for review and photography purposes.

Bath, Body, and Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Over 50 products for happy winter skin.


beauty must-haves for winter

Current Obsession: Derma-E Hydrating Night Cream ($19).

Why You Need It: Hellooo, hydration! Winter skin could always use more of that. Derma-E’s Hydrating Night Cream moisturizes your skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its great for sensitive skin, too, and packed with anti-aging antioxidants, Vitamins C and E, and aloe for a soothing, hydrating cream. I appreciate the addition of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance already present in our skin. Commonly referred to as the “fountain of youth,” hyaluronic acid aids in bringing moisture and balance to your skin while minimizing the effects of aging.

Why You’ll Love the Company: High ethical standards, uncompromising values, responsive and wonderful customer service, and quality products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy, and GMOs.

More Derma-E Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Hydrating Day Cream ($24), Hydrating Scrub ($12), and Hydrating Serum ($17) pair this triple-threat with the night cream and stop dry winter skin dead in its tracks. / Hydrating Clay Mask ($16) perfect for dry skin and rich in olive, green tea, avocado, and soothing aloe. / Microdermabrasion Scrub ($21) a gentle, effective blend of Dead Sea Salt and Volcanic Sand with citrus peels to buff dead skin and reduce wrinkles, acne scars, and fine lines. / Purifying Daily Detox Scrub ($12) detox your skin with activated charcoal and powerful minerals for healthy, glowing skin!


beauty must-haves for winter

Current ObsessionHerbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist ($37).

Why You Need It: My love for this product starts with its gorgeous pale pink hue and its inviting minimalist packaging. And upon first use, my love only grows from there. This face mist is hydrating, cooling, smells simply lovely (without being overpowering), and leaves skin refreshed and not at all greasy or oily. Made from coconut water, hibiscus, rose, aloe, and witch hazel, this mist is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, and high in antioxidants. I like to use it after washing my face and before putting on moisturizer and make-up, and as a quick refresher after working out. Basically, it makes my sad winter skin happy.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyHerbivore Botanicals offers plant-driven products inspired by nature. Handcrafted in small batches and run by a husband-and-wife team, the company creates skincare products that are cruelty-free, safe, and non-toxic. Their food-grade and organic ingredients (such as steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils) are pure, high-quality, and free from fillers of any kind.

More Herbivore Botanicals Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Lapis Facial Oil Roller ($30) this roller is not only the most gorgeous blue, but also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that balances skin and calms redness. / Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar Soap and Pink Clay Cleansing Bar Soap ($12) a detoxifying and deeply cleansing charcoal soap or a gentle, beautifying pink clay bar soap ideal for dry skin. / Coconut Milk Bath Soap ($32) a rich and deeply moisturizing bath soak to soften and re-hydrate winter skin.


beauty must-haves for winter

Current ObsessionMeow Meow Tweet Natural Deodorant Cream ($14)

Why You Need It: I was scared to go “natural” when it comes to deodorant for a long time, constantly picturing that Portlandia skit about it or fearing it wouldn’t work. If you want to give natural deodorant a go, winter is a great time to test it out. Meow Meow Tweet sells several kinds of deodorants: their cream version (tea tree or lavender), baking soda-free cream version (grapefruit or lavender), and their deodorant sticks (lavender bergamot or lemon eucalyptus). You can even order a mini version to sample it first. Their deodorants are non-irritating, smell lovely, work well, and are great for sensitive skin.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyMeow Meow Tweet is a small-batch skincare company with a focus on vegan, all-natural, pure, and organic ingredients. Ethical and carefully sourced, MMT creates products that are easy to stand behind. Better yet, they also love the environment, using the least amount of plastic packaging possible. And did you see those cute designs?!

More Meow Meow Tweet Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap ($12) gentle, detoxifying, and moisturizing, made with French pink clay, crushed rose petals, and floral essential oils. / Vegan Lip Balm ($4) just say no to dry winter lips with moisturizing organic cocoa butter, olive, and coconut oils. / Repair Balm ($18) repair your dry skin from head-to-toe with a nourishing and soothing balm crafted from healing myrrh and organic shea butter.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionAu Naturale Vegan Organic Lipstick ($22)

Why You Need It: I must admit: I’m very picky when it comes to lipsticks. I can’t stand a drying lipstick, especially in the winter. Au Naturale’s lipsticks are my favorite right now. They’re hydrating, nourishing, and come in the most gorgeous array of colors. Made with organic oils and natural pigment, they’re also completely free of animal by-products, synthetic preservatives, toxins, gluten, fillers, and parabens. They last a long time, too. The colors are bold and beautiful, yet build-able. Don’t be scared by a vibrant color; the build-able function of these natural products allow you to go from day to night with ease.

Why You’ll Love the Company: From above, I’m sure you can tell why I dig Au Naturale. As the name states, Au Naturale endorses a “farm to face” philosophy, crafting natural, pure, organic products. The ethical company also demonstrates true transparency in their business structure and sources most of their ingredients locally. Their amazing recycling program, where you can send back four empty products for a $30 credit, proves that they also care a great deal about our environment.

More Au Naturale Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Organic Creme Foundation ($38) build-able coverage that is weightless and non-drying, ideal for winter skin. / Organic Creme Bronzer Stick ($32) when your pale winter skin needs a sun-kissed touch! / Organic Creme Blusher ($32) for adding the prettiest pop of build-able natural color in a creamy, nourishing formula.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current Obsession: So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water Sensitive Formula ($5.99)

Why You Need It: Sometimes, the winter means excess carbs and a few extra chocolates and cookies. Ya know? And sometimes, that leads to some not-so-clear skin. I’m loving So Totally Clean Micellar Cleansing Water from Formula 10.0.6. The Sensitive Formula isn’t too harsh on my sensitive skin. The alcohol-free and gentle cleanser/toner leaves your skin feeling oh so clean, soft, and refreshed. The natural botanicals, cooling cucumber, and detoxifying Sea Kelp help to clear impurities, remove dirt and make-up, soothe, and give your skin a healthy glow.

Why You’ll Love the Company: First, did you see the price? Formula 10.0.6 is extremely reasonable and affordable. Their products concentrate on promoting clear skin and are branded in clear, simple packaging. Plus, they work. They have rave reviews on Ulta, so you can definitely read about other people’s experiences with a certain product, but anyone suffering from blemishes can definitely take solace in at least one of their many products. Many of their products are formulated around natural ingredients, including but not limited to: papaya, pumice, calendula, grape seed, oat, tea tree, and yarrow.

More Formula 10.0.6 Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser ($8) a passionfruit, chamomile, and green tea infused cleanser to balance skin and clear complexion.Deep Down Detox Mud Mask ($9) a detoxifying mud mask with orange, bergamot, and sea salt, sure to give a spa experience. / Seriously Shine-Free Moisturizer ($9) a matte-finish moisturizer made from aloe vera and bamboo designed to absorb excess oil.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionSkin Calming Body Cream ($10)

Why You Need It: Fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin, the Skin Calming Body Cream from J.R. Watkins is a blessing for winter skin. Soothing oatmeal, coconut butter, macadamia oil, aloe, and coconut oil are some key ingredients in this body cream. It’s perfect for dry, itchy, or just plain unhappy winter skin.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyJ.R. Watkins has been around since 1868, making quality products in the same Minnesota factory for over 100 years. The brand focuses on creating body and skincare products made from natural ingredients, and I trust and love their long line of products. They offer everything from extracts to herbs and spices to home products to lotions and soaps.

More J.R. Watkins Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Natural Calming Lavender Bath Soak ($11) natural sea salts soften skin while detoxifying lavender oils provide an aromatherapy experience. / Coconut Milk Honey Body Oil Mist ($11) with coconut milk and honey as ingredients, you already know this body oil mist is going to be intensely hydrating and nourishing. / Natural Hand Cream in Lemon Cream ($5) hydrating shea and cocoa butters in an intoxicating lemony scent reminiscent of Lemon Meringue Pie make hands happy.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionGardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum ($39)

Why You Need It: As one of One Love Organic’s best sellers, their antioxidant-rich body serum is a game-changer when it comes to dehydrated winter skin. This nourishing serum is light, absorbs easily, and is convenient to use due to its mist bottle. Pumpkin seed oil, sea botanicals, green and rooibos tea, chia seed extract, and kelp are just a few of the natural ingredients that make up this wonder-serum.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyOne Love Organics, as the name suggests, produces careful, quality, and amazing natural and organic skincare products. Their award-winning line is crafted in small batches, using the highest quality and most effective organic ingredients. Their cruelty-free and ECOCERT-certified products are free from GMOs, parabens, synthetic perfumes and dyes, and any other of the not-so-great ‘stuff’.

More One Love Organics Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream ($58) for balanced and moisturized skin, this stuff is the bee’s knees—powerful hydration comes from mineral-rich coconut water and Cupuacu butter, which also helps protect against aging. / Skin Savior Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm ($49) this product not only smells like the most wonderful citrusy-vanilla fragrance, it also has a multitude of uses. Skin Savior works as a cleanser, moisturizer, and a mineral foundation base. Its antioxidant-rich blend is made from chia, mango butter, coconut oil, and jojoba. / Oh Mega Calming Chia Oil ($49) oh, mega! This chia/lavender/shea/aloe blend is perfect for calming and nourishing dry or irritated skin. / Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder ($21) for an in-between shampoos refresher, this absorbing dry shampoo made from clay, hyularonic acid, and bamboo extract leaves hair healthy, oil-free, and super soft.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionMatte Tint Mineral Sunscreen Natural BB Cream ($28)

Why You Need It: Sun protection is not just for summer. You should include sun protection into your beauty regime at any time of year. Coola is my favorite for sun protection of all and every kind. For the face, they make wonderful BB creams, moisturizers, serums, and primers. I love their Matte Tint Mineral Sunscreen. This face cream includes a natural BB cream and a lightly tinted matte color. It’s hydrating, infused with antioxidants, and offers powerful plant protection from environmental stressors. It’s completely unscented, which I like, and great for all skin types. It doesn’t offer a ton of coverage, but it does provide a really nice natural tint and evens out the skin. I definitely use this for days I want to feel light and go ‘make-up free,’ but I still need sun protection and want a tiny hint of color. And come summer, it’s absolutely perfect for the beach.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyCoola is the ultimate in healthy sunscreens. The eco-friendly company concentrates on sun-protection products of all kinds, from lotions to make-up to moisturizers. Of course, the best part about their products is that they work, and they work very well. Their line of skincare is made with organic, natural, sustainable, and locally-sourced products whenever possible.

More Coola Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Green Tea + Aloe Makeup Setting Spray ($36) keep your make-up on point all day with this nourishing and hydrating green tea and aloe spray which offers SPF 30 sun protection. / Mineral Liplux Trio ($39) a lovely hint of color and Cupuacu butter and Mongongo oil will hydrate your winter lips and protect them from the sun at the same time. / Environmental Repair Plus Fresh Relief Face Serum ($68) this light-weight anti-inflammatory moisturizer defends against toxins and nourishes the skin.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionShampYou Customizable Shampoo ($10)

Why You Need It: Personalized shampoo! Seriously, how fun. Currently loving this customized color-safe shampoo, crafted with essential oils, silk proteins, and B vitamins. You can choose from 4 “base” shampoos (Juniper Mint, Lemon Verbena, Mimosa Jasmine, or Ylang Ylang Bergamot), and then add in two “Supershot” serums. The serums are made from vitamins and minerals designed to suit your needs. Serums include Beautiful Brunette, High-Definition Blonde, Gimme More Moisture, Curl Me Up, and Turn Up the Volume, to name a few.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyShampYou is such a fun and unique idea that really allows you to personalize your shampoos. I like being a Shampoo Mixologist, if you will. I also like that it’s easy to change up your needs. In the winter, I may really need a Gimme More Moisture serum, while in the summer I might be digging a Curl Me Up concoction for my naturally-dried curls. I love that the shampoos and serums are paraben-free, and silk proteins greatly help to reduce breakage.

More ShampYou Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Cashmere + Lily Conditioner ($10) enriched with Orange, Patchouli, and Lemongrass essential oils, this paraben-free conditioner is intensely hydrating for dry winter hair.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionLavish Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask ($10)

Why You Need It: This ultra-rich, thick mask is made from 18 active ingredients to combat dry, irritated, and stressed skin. The Lavish mask is 100% natural and infused with healing oils, oatmilk, and Cupuacu butter. The ‘Beta-glucan’ part comes from the immune-boosting natural sugars present in mushrooms and oats. This acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, healing, and anti-aging ingredient. This mask is a powerful product for dry and irate winter skin.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyBlissoma specializes in Holistic Skincare + Apothecary. Every product in Blissoma’s skincare line is hand-crafted, 100% natural, and certified vegan. They are free from petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic colors, and fragrances. Instead, they are carefully crafted from the finest of nature’s effective ingredients, including certified organic botanicals, bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and seed oils. Besides high-quality everyday skincare made from organic ingredients, Blissoma offers a wide array of products for certain skin issues like acne, allergies, and eczema.

More Blissoma Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Timeless Vitamin C Reconstruction Serum ($59) this antioxidant-rich serum promotes healthy skin with anti-aging and moisturizing properties derived from Vitamin C + E, Omega-3 fatty acids, chia seed oil, and organic pomegranate oil. / Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser ($39) a gentle soap and detergent-free facial cleanser perfect for all skin types. / Refine Clay Renewal Treatment ($40) a moisturizing and detoxifying mineral treatment for congested skin.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionThe Seven Deadly Skins Melon Body Scrub ($7.99)

Why You Need It: Dead skin, be gone. This body scrub smells of the loveliest melon extract and buffs away dead skin cells gently. I appreciate the convenient tube packaging, too. Be sure to moisturize skin after exfoliating and your winter skin will thank you.

Why You’ll Love the CompanyAnatomicals produces affordable skincare and beauty products in extremely fun packaging. While their names way be whimsical and funny, the company is serious about keeping their products 100% free from animal testing. Another thing you won’t find in Anatomicals products? Parabens. It’s clear that this company keeps things light and fun from their website and branding, and I dig their products (and their price-tag).

More Anatomicals Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Be Good with Your Hands in Bed Avocado Night Time Hand Cream ($5.99) intensely hydrating and velvety, this hand cream restores moisture to your hands and nails while you sleep! / Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Body Lotion ($7.99) this hydrating lotion has a lovely tropical smell that can make you escape winter for a minute or two / Three Wishes for Hands That Do Dishes Blueberry Hand Cream ($5.99) as a Pastry Chef and food blogger, I am constantly washing my hands. In the winter, that means extra, extra dry hands, but this hand cream works wonderful, absorbs quickly, and smells like blueberry pie.


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionIlia Lip Gloss ($24)

Why You Need It: If you can’t even dare think about leaving the house without lip gloss (like me), Ilia’s version is just lovely. This gloss is hydrating, making it perfect for your winter pout. Coconut oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E give this gloss plenty of moisture. This vegan and 65% organic gloss is perfect in the Peek-a-Boo color, which makes a gorgeous stand-alone nude or the perfect gloss to layer over your lipstick.

Why You’ll Love the Company: Committed to providing ethical and sustainable skincare, Ilia produces products that are derived from organic bio-active botanicals. Ilia concentrates on high-quality products that are not only organic and natural, but work as well as their mainstream counterparts.

More Ilia Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($42) this moisturizer imparts a lovely tint of color from 100% natural dye. The semi-matte formula is made from aloe vera, white tea, and rosemary extract, which hydrate, smooth, and revitalize skin. 


Beauty Must-Haves for Winter

Current ObsessionNeal’s Yard Remedies Shower Gel ($14)

Why You Need It: NYR Organic’s soothing natural shower gels are hydrating and come in an array of the most wonderful scents. I’m particularly keen to the Jasmine + Ylang Ylang variety, with Fairtrade rooibos extract and Fairtrade organic honey. This antioxidant-rich shower gel moisturizes and conditions while staying gentle for the skin.

Why You’ll Love the Company: Neal’s Yard Remedies has a US line, NYR Organic. The London-based company has been around a while and has been a leader in natural skincare. Their mission and core values reley heavily on environmental care and sustainability, product quality and effectiveness, and promoting a more natural and holistic way of living.

More NYR Organic Beauty Must-Haves for Winter: Orange Flower Facial Wash ($11) a fragrant and gentle facial cleanser, scented with mandarin orange oil, that is rich in antioxidants and does not dry out the skin. / Rehydrating Rose Line ($40) the Rehydrating Rose facial oil and moisturizers are both excellent choices for dry winter skin. Rich in rose extract and antioxidants, this line hydrates and replenishes the skin by restorting balance, moisture, and radiance.


Thank you for reading this post on Bath, Body, and Beauty Must-Haves for Winter. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found your perfect winter beauty or skincare product! Have you tried any of my picks? What are your favorite beauty must-haves for winter skin?


beauty must-haves for winter
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