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I would love to connect with you. Whether you need advice, have a question on a recipe, want me to read your blog, or want to talk current favorite Netflix addictions! I’m a nice lady. I enjoy talking to people, so come say hi to me on social media. Bonus points if you love Corgis!

Let’s work together! Professionally, I offer food writing, recipe and menu development, reviews, sponsorship opportunities, and more. If you think your company would be a good match with me, get in touch. I truly love to collaborate with brands, and I only partner with brands that I stand behind and believe in. Integrity, quality, and joy are important to me—in my life, and in my kitchen. My biggest passion is food and cooking, and it’s an honor to work with brands that I love and to dream up new ways to use their products. I feel that this genuineness comes through in my writing, and to my readers. We would love to send you over our Media Kit and form a genuine partnership.



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