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It feels like my husband and I have never been busier than we are this month. He’s starting an entirely new career, taking software development classes, and working overtime. I’m running my own business and freelance writing like mad. We’re decorating and moving into our new home. And on top of all that, it’s the holidays. Phew.

We barely have time to talk or corresponding schedules, let alone time for date night! I’ve been trying to come up with a list of worthy date night ideas for busy couples to have on hand for when we get some time together.

To be completely honest with you, most of the time lately our idea of “date night” is sitting on the couch and streaming movies.

But we need to shake things up! I know life is crazy right now, especially with the holidays. But every couple needs a proper date night. I’ve paired up with Centrum® MultiGummies® to bring you these fun and unique date night ideas for busy couples.

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date night ideas for busy couples

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So now that my multivitamins have provided me with the energy support needed to get dressed up (note: put on a pair of pants that aren’t of the yoga variety), let’s talk about some fun date night ideas for busy couples!

date night ideas for busy couples

date night ideas for busy couples

date night ideas for busy couples


date night ideas for busy couples

Adventure Outside Your Comfort Zone

For couples that have been together a while, date night might turn into the same night over and over. When we first start dating someone, we have much more of a tendency to plan more exciting adventures. After 6 years, though? Sweatpants and Chinese take-out sounds like such a better idea. And I’m not saying that part of the relationship is bad, the ‘comfortable’ stage of a partnership is pretty darn amazing, too. But when you’re busy and barely have time for just the two of you, stepping outside of your comfort zone can make your quality time together that much more memorable. Do something that neither of you have ever done before, or do something that you’ve never really even thought of doing. Never been really interested in seeing a professional ballet or taking a painting class together? Not really one of those couples to get really dressed up for a night out? Never been ice-skating or to a trampoline park? Stepping outside your comfort zone with your partner makes for one memorable date night…and, who knows, you may discover something new that you really enjoy. (If nothing else, it could always make for a funny story if you don’t.)

Go on a ‘Staycation’

Me and my husband really wanted to go to Canada for our sixth wedding anniversary this month, but our time and bank account gave us a big fat “I don’t think so.” But that’s perfectly okay. Planning a staycation is one of the easiest and most fun ways to spend a date night. Grab a nice hotel in town (go on a weekday to score a great deal), order room service, go to the hotel bar, and chill a bottle of something bubbly. Plus…those super-plush hotel robes!

Turn Your Ordinary Extraordinary

Many, many times my husband and I turn our “everyday” into something special. This can be done in so many ways. Say you’re just too tired to go out or you had to work late. Bring the date night to you! One of my favorite things that we do is make what we call Fort Night. We build a giant fort (kind-of) by blowing up an air mattress in our living room and surrounding ourselves with massive amounts of cozy pillows. Then we have a movie marathon, have a living room picnic, and play board games or do crafts. Making something so simple a little extra special is all you need for a perfect date night. You can choose a themed menu and cook together. Host your own living room cheese and beverage pairing. Get creative!

Find the Fun

Okay, so. We’re adults. We have responsibilities. Our days off are sometimes consumed by errands, grocery shopping, or going to the gym. If you don’t have the time to make the fun, find the fun. Turn your gym day into a fun date night by taking a crazy class together you would have never otherwise taken. Make running errands fun by stopping at a new coffee shop or bakery nearby together for a little pick-me-up in between. I hate needing to go grocery shopping on our only day off together, but we make it fun by stopping at the diner next door beforehand and ordering breakfast for dinner!

Pamper Me, Please

Scenario: It’s been the worst week, and I can’t even think about date night. No problem. Turn date night into pampering each other night! Give each other a massage. Draw one another a hot bath. Order take-out and don’t worry about the dishes or cleaning for the night. Even better: book a couples massage or pampering day at a spa as a date night. Possibly the ultimate idea when it comes to Date Night Ideas for Busy Couples!


date night ideas for busy couples

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I hope that you enjoy these date night ideas for busy couples! Thank you to Centrum® MultiGummies® for sponsoring this post and providing an easy way to live a healthy lifestyle. Please also enjoy these Centrum coupons!

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