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Although I always desperately wanted one, I never had a dog growing up. We always lived in apartments and moved around often, making it impossible. It wasn’t until five years ago that my dream of a furry little friend coming into my life was made possible. That furry friend is named Cocoa.

Cocoa is my best friend and the love of my life. That may sound cheesy but to dog-parents… you get it. Having a dog can absolutely change your life, in small ways and in big ways. Your life becomes a little less ordinary. Laughter becomes a lot more frequent. And life, suddenly, becomes a great big adventure.

I love to go on grand adventures with Cocoa. But my favorite ones are often the small ones. The day-to-day. No day is conventional or colorless with a corgi in your life. It’s pretty much impossible to be sad when she’s around. It’s also impossible to sit still or stay in the house too long. And completely impossible to keep hair off of your clothing. Do you know how much a corgi sheds?

It’s also impossible to take anything for granted. I am so in love with our little life, and I think she’s pretty fond of it, too! I’ve teamed up with Natural Balance to tell you the story of my favorite furry girl and to tell you how awesome their food is. Cocoa has developed some serious allergies this summer and I wanted to put her on a limited ingredient diet. Natural Balance has several products to choose from, including their grain-free foods and their Limited Ingredients Diet line. Their newer product, Delectable Delights Wet Cups, Cocoa is especially fond of.

adventures with your dog

She loves to have wet food mixed in with her dry food (because she’s kind of a princess) and I love that this wet food is grain-free, wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, and free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. I also really appreciate their Buy with Confidence Program which tests all food for nine different contaminants before they even reach store shelves. And Cocoa loves…well, the taste. I don’t think she really understands all the other stuff!

I have to be honest, Cocoa’s dinner looked better than mine tonight. I had a total recipe fail.


Cocoa literally licked her bowl clean! And, seriously, to pause for just a moment: have you seen Natural Balance’s Instagram?! Cuteness overload. Can’t even.

So, let me tell you a little bit about Cocoa. Her nicknames include, but are not limited to: Bunny, Cocoa Puff, Cocoa Sandwiches, Stinky, and Buns.

She loves long walks, cheese, parks, going to brunch, hikes, and the beach.

She also loves to do yoga with mom.


To go on super long walks and explore nature trails (with ample water and rest breaks). She does have such short legs, after all.


To watch TV with dad (especially if there’s popcorn involved……)


And her ALL TIME favorite activity: To roll in the grass.


What does your dog love to do?! To celebrate our lives with our pets and all of the amazing adventures we go on, I want to highlight 5 great summer adventure ideas for you and your dog! What are your favorite ways to adventure with your pup? Tell me in the comments below!

adventures with your dog

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One of the easiest (and healthiest) ways to bond with your pup is exercising with them. This can be done in tons of ways: running with your dog, biking with your dog, swimming with your dog, or yoga with your dog. Yes, people actually do yoga with their dog, and it even has a name! Doga classes are offered here in Portland, but Portland is known for being a little quirky. Check if there are exercise classes for you and your dog in your city. Many cities often have a running or hiking club for you and your pooch.


What’s a Shin-Dog? Well, besides being a word I totally made up just now, it’s a Shin-Dig with Your Dog! Summer is all about outdoor parties, BBQs, and fun. Incorporate the two by throwing a dog-friendly outdoor shin-digdog. Let guests know to bring their pets and have both snacks for humans and for pups. Serve dogs frozen yogurt cups, which can be found in most pet stores. If you can’t find them, make your own with mix-in’s such as peanut butter, bacon, and pumpkin! Also host some dog party games, such as frisbee, hide-and-seek with treats, DIY obstacle courses, and bobbin’ for biscuits. Have little goodie bags for guests to take home, filled with treats, a bandana, and some of Natural Balance’s Delectable Delights!


We all know about having a Treat Yo’ Self Day, thanks to Parks & Recreation (love that show). Why not have one with your dog? Pamper yourself and your pup with a much-needed treat day. Get your dog groomed while you get a pedicure or massage. Go have lunch with your pup at a restaurant with a dog-friendly outdoor patio. Window shop. Take your dog to the pet store and buy them an awesome new toy. Oh, the possibilities. 🙂


Nearly every city has some kind of dog-centered Meet-Up. Many of them are breed-specific, too. Cocoa has been part of a Corgi Meet-Up everywhere we’ve lived, from Jersey City to San Diego to Portland. There’s also Meet-Ups for small dogs, big dogs, pitbulls, frenchies, rescues, all dogs, you name it! They meet all over the city, from parks to dog-friendly events. Check out if your city has one, and if not, you can make one!


I’m sure you have an epic bucket list of things you want to do this summer. Why not include your pooch in some of them? Most summer activities, such as camping, hiking, and the lake, are all dog-friendly. Pack a picnic and go to the park. Spend the day at the lake with a cooler full of refreshing lemonade and pup- and human-approved snacks. Go on a hike with an awesome view. Rent a cabin in the woods. Go to a dog-friendly new brewery. There are tons of options and fun to be had. Plan ahead and make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for both you and your dog!

I hope your summer is full of adventures! Thank you to Natural Balance for sponsoring this post. Be sure to try their new grain-free Delectable Delights Wet Cups, available in 4 different flavors! And be sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to see the most adorable photos, get advice, and stay in-the-know with all things Natural Balance.

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