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If you’re a seasoned yogi or you’re just looking to get into it, having a dedicated home yoga space can ensure you’re getting the most out of your practice.

You don’t need a huge home yoga studio or even an entire room. Learning how to create a relaxing yoga space in your home is easy. In this article, we’ll go over the right equipment you’ll need, how to plan out your yoga space, and how to design it.

Inner zen is in your near future. Namaste! 

how to create a yoga space in your home

How to Create a Relaxing Yoga Space in Your Home

Let’s explore how to create a relaxing yoga space in your home with these six tips—from building a functional space, designing it, and finally putting it all together.

Make it Multi-Functional

how to create a yoga space in your home

Not everyone has an entire room to dedicate to a yoga studio. And that’s perfectly okay. If you do, that’s great. Choose a quiet room (preferably away from a kitchen or living room) and create your yoga haven. If not, dedicate a space within a room that you can comfortably do yoga in. Even if you do have an entire room to dedicate to yoga, it’s still a good idea to make that room multi-functional. If you do yoga for an hour a day, that’s 23 hours the room is just sitting there unused.

My yoga room includes a quiet sitting area, perfect for reading, and serves as a general exercise room. I have my exercise bike in there, weights, and cardio DVDs. There’s also a TV in there that I use to watch my favorite yoga YouTube channel, Yoga with Adriene. But it could also serve as another TV room when it’s not in use. The closet in my yoga room holds extra storage, as does the media stand. The room serves multiple functions but is still relaxing, quiet, and zen. Of course, when you’re actually doing yoga or meditating, make sure it’s only you in the room (or a yoga partner) and that it’s only being used for that.

The Right Tools

how to create a yoga space in your home

Learning how to create a relaxing yoga space in your home starts with the basics. Make sure your room is outfitted with the right tools and that you have everything you need. The beautiful thing about yoga is that you don’t need much. A quiet space, minimal equipment, and the right frame of mind. Here’s some things to aid in your practice*:

A yoga mat. Choose a good one. This is the basis of your practice, and really the only tool besides your body that you need. Choose a thick, durable mat with excellent non-slip traction.

A strap. A strap is an excellent tool that aids in flexibility and can help provide a deeper stretch.

A set of blocks. Blocks are incredibly important to your yoga practice, helping poses feel more stable and grounded. They’re wonderful for understanding and achieving correct alignment. If you don’t have a set of blocks, books work well.

A bolster. This one pillow has so many benefits. A bolster can soften a pose, open the heart, support the lower back, and aid in opening the body and achieving a deeper posture. It’s an excellent tool especially for prenatal and restorative yoga.

A meditation pillow. A wonderful addition to your meditative and pranayama practices.

Finally, a yoga towel and Mexican blanket. A yoga towel is naturally very helpful, especially during hot yoga sessions! A Mexican blanket can perform a variety of uses for your practice, from supporting your knees to aiding in seated postures to warming your muscles. And it’s also quite nice to lay over you during Savasana or use as a pillow.

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Clutter and Distraction Free

how to create a yoga space in your home

It’s difficult to concentrate on your yoga practice if you’re surrounded by a cluttered or messy environment. Even if your yoga space is a small corner of a room, make sure to keep that room clutter- and distraction-free. Keep everything stored and organized, and ensure you have enough room to comfortably do your practice. It’s also important to complete your entire practice without any distractions. Close the door and make sure you won’t be distracted by anyone or anything. Keep your cell phone off and make sure your family knows not to bother you during this time. An interrupted yoga session can disrupt the entire flow. Yoga concentrates equally on both the mind and the body—grant yourself the time and the permission to be completely in the present.

Mindful Design

how to create a yoga space in your home

how to create a yoga space in your home

how to create a yoga space in your home

how to create a yoga space in your home

Every room tells a story. What’s yours? Let your yoga room be a complete reflection of you! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to designing your home yoga space. But here are some simple rules I follow:

Choose a calming color. For my yoga room, I chose a deep shade of fuchsia. The color makes me happy and pairs well with the gold in the room and Moroccan-inspired theme I chose. Some notably calming paint colors include lavender, pale green, light gray, and blue.

Decorate with what makes you happy. Fill the room with calming additions that make you happy. I love natural crystals, fresh plants, and deep jewel tones. I also decorated with fun, vintage yoga prints and photography that makes me happy, such as photos from a trip to Hawaii or nature.

If possible, choose a room with natural light. I love to do yoga outdoors. Of course, it’s not always possible to do yoga outside (lookin’ at you, snow). I like to have a yoga room that offers plenty of natural light. A morning yoga session can be one of the most peaceful and fulfilling ways to start your day.

Set the mood. I enjoy calming music or even just sounds (ocean waves, rain) playing in the background during my yoga practice. Scent is important, too. I love using the new Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade®. The Atmosphere Collection comes in either a 4.2-ounce candle or a 2-ct PlugIns® Scented Oil. These new artisan scents are crafted by world-renown fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb. I particularly love the N°1 Enraptured with jasmine, cedarwood, and rose petals, and the N°3 Free with coconut and beach woods. The 30-hour soy candles and the scented oil plugins are great additions to your relaxing yoga practice.

A Breath of Life

how to create a yoga space in your home

Fresh plants or flowers can really make your yoga space come alive. Not only do plants help purify the air of a room, they represent a visible calmness. It brings a little bit of nature indoors, which is always a lovely thing.

Most Importantly, Make It Your Own

how to create a yoga space in your home

Don’t worry about a certain way to decorate your yoga room. Make it your own. Fill it with what makes you happy. And give yourself the permission to have a mindful practice that allows you to fully be in the present.

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how to create a relaxing yoga studio in your home

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