Delicious, useful, and unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for foodies! Gift your favorite chef, baker, foodie, wine lover, or coffee addict the perfect gift.

Welcome to another Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies edition! Last year we featured some pretty great (and delicious) things, and I’m excited to bring you guys some even better stuff this year.

This year I decided to feature my picks in categories. There’s a few different ways to be a foodie, so there will be some great gift ideas For the Chef, For the Wino, For the #InstaFoodie, For the Chocoholic, For the Hostess, For the Griller + Chiller, For the Baker, and For the Coffee Addict. If you’re like me, and you’re literally all of those categories, even better.

My criteria for the gifts: there are a ton of amazing foodie gifts out there that are useful and quality products. However, for this post I chose more fun, unique, and, well, prettier things. Gifts that you could open on Valentine’s Day and love. I will also include ideas on how to gift them/what to pair it with.

I hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies! (PS, dear husband: take note.)

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Coffee Addict

For those who have coffee running through our veins, who appreciate fine (latte) art, and who eternally relate to the Gilmore Girls when it comes to caffeine addiction.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Bodum Chambord 8 Cup French Press: This French press is gorgeous. French press is one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee, and for some reason, I think it would taste even better in this stunning copper-plated stainless steel press., $36.85
  2. Brew: “Better coffee at home” pretty much says it all. This book is brimming with wonderful information and is visually stunning to boot. Amazon, $19.21
  3. Coffee Snob Mug: If you’re a coffee snob and you know it raise your hand. (raises hand.) This gold-lettered porcelain mug would be an adorable addition to a coffee and chocolate-themed basket. Amazon, $13.99
  4. Death Wish Coffee: Any coffee aficionado has to try the “world’s strongest coffee.” It’s fair-trade, certified organic, and it has 4.5 stars out of nearly 12,000 reviews. Read the all-CAPS, caffeine-induced reviews if you don’t want to take my word for it. Amazon, $19.99
  5. Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub: Why limit coffee to just drinking it when it can be slathered all over your body? This coffee scrub is vegan and chock-full-of antioxidants perfect for fighting dryness and waking up the skin. Amazon, $19.95
  6. Coffee Necklace: This distressed and adorable coffee travel mug necklace from Block Party Press is the perfect unique gift. They’re especially cute in pairs, and also make a great bestie V-Day gift. Bonus: they can be custom designed/colored! Etsy, $35
  7. Get a Quirk Fix Travel Mug in BFF: Speaking of best friends, if coffee is actually your BFF&E (as it is mine), this is the perfect travel mug. A little pop of bling bling certainly doesn’t hurt. ModCloth, $19.99
  8. Hot Stuff Mug: Scenario. Your Valentine is a hottie who loves hot beverages. Nailed it. Wayfair, $14.99
  9. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler: Pair this coffee gift box with one of mugs above and breakfast in bed. It includes a hand-picked selection of beans from some of Seattle’s best artisan small-batch roasters. Amazon, $23


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Chef

For those who are happiest in the kitchen, who believe every meal should be an event, and who treat fine sea salts like diamonds.
valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Secret Ingredient Spoon: This heart-shaped spoon engraved with ‘Made with Love’ is perfect for gifting your favorite chef. Modcloth, $9.99
  2. Kyocera Susan G. Komen Pink Santoku Knife: This traditional Japanese knife is lightweight and sharp. Its ceramic blade holds its razor-sharpness 10x longer than steel. Plus, a proceed of the sales from this pretty pink knife goes towards supporting the Susan G. Komen fund. Amazon, $34.95
  3. Foodie Dice: Gift your favorite foodie these Foodie Dice; a fun, inventive way to create culinary inspiration. Uncommon Goods, $24
  4. Le Creuset Dutch Oven with Gold Knob: Gift your chef-y Valentine a Le Creuset, and they might just love you forever. Wayfair, $289.95
  5. Love with Food Subscription Box: Any chef or foodie would appreciate the Love with Food subscription box. Choose between a tasting box, a deluxe box, or a gluten-free box. Every snack box purchased donates a meal to someone in need. BONUS: Use the code ‘VDAY2017’ and get $10 off with a free $20 bonus box! Love with Food, $7.99/month
  6. Spice + Herb Salt Tower: This colorful tower is full of delicious, unique salts. It’s pretty, and it will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers. Flavors include Porcini Salt, Vanilla Salt, Sumac Pepper Salt, and Fennel Thyme. Food52, $28
  7. One Pan, Two Plates: A perfect cookbook if it’s just the two of you. Full of glorious, delicious recipes for a romantic dinner. Amazon, $17
  8. Copper Oil + Vinegar Set: This oh-so-pretty oil and vinegar set is one that any cook wouldn’t mind displaying on their countertop. Domino, $39
  9. Love + Lemons: This cookbook, which shares its name with the author’s famous blog, is simply stunning. Bon Appetit dubbed it the most beautiful cookbook they’d ever seen, and we can see why. Amazon, $20.85


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Wino

For those who believe wine pairs with anything and everything, who take refuge in a vineyard, and who don’t discriminate against red or white.

  1. Wine Molecule Necklace: This wine-lovers necklace is too cute (especially in rose gold), a great conversational piece, and priced amazing. Amazon, $14.80
  2. Boxed Set of 12 Wine Note Coasters: These fun and quirky coasters are printed on recycled pulp board and make a great gift for your favorite ‘full-bodied’ Valentine., $11.99
  3. Ooh La La Flute: These sparkly flutes are perfect for holding your favorite bubbly. Make a bubbly themed gift with these flutes, a bottle of champagne, bubble bath, and chocolates. Then test it out in the tub! Amazon, $19.99
  4. The Bachelor Wines: I admit this is a little ridiculous. These Bachelor/Bachelorette wines are quite funny and could land you in the Fantasy Suite if your Valentine is a fan of the show., $15.96
  5. Wine + Chocolate Gift Set: The chocolate company Vosges (one of my faves!) makes wine and chocolate gift sets for V-Day that are already perfectly paired for you. Vosges, $75
  6. Slay Then Rose Sweatshirt: I would wear this all of the time. Etsy, $39.50
  7. Chalk Stemless Wine Glass: These adorable chalkboard wine glasses are perfect for writing love notes to each other. Or your name. Or playing tic-tac-toe. Amazon, $17.95/set of 4
  8. Cassieopeia Wine Tote: The constellation Cassieopeia always reminds me of the movie Serendipity. Fill this tote with your Valentine’s favorite wine and there will be stars in their eyes. Modcloth, $14.99
  9. Netflix and Chill Couples Wine Set: If you and your beau love a good binge-watching, this set couldn’t be more perfect. Etsy, $26


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Griller + Chiller

For those who appreciate the art of #GrillandChill, who revel in a good steak and an ice-cold beer, and who don’t really mind if life is rocky, as long as it includes whiskey.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. The Big Jerk: An epic jerky sampler from five famous jerky makers. The set includes flavors such as Honey Spice, Mushroom Bleu Cheese, and Chipotle Filet Mignon., $57.50
  2. Personalized Hip Flask: Gift your beau with this leather hip flask, which can be personalized with his initials or a special date, and pair it with some local whiskey., $71.99
  3. Beer Snob Can Glass: If your Valentine refuses to order any beer that isn’t local or starts with the word craft, this glass is perfect., $11.99
  4. I Turn Grills On Apron: For the grill aficionados and the pun lovers. Flirty Aprons, $24.95
  5. Whiskey and How to Enjoy It: This gift set’s title pretty much says it all. This set includes whiskey tumblers, premium leather coasters, and a book on the subject at hand. Pair it with his/her favorite whiskey., $34.99
  6. Grill Sergeant Mug: If your giftee is obsessed with all things flame-broiled, this pub beer mug is a cute gift idea. Even better when stuffed with their favorite treats., $35.99
  7. Set of 4 Personalized Cocktail Glasses: How gorgeous are these laser-etched personalized glasses? Personalize them with your beau’s initials and pair it with their favorite whiskey/bourbon/scotch/whatever., $39.99
  8. Schmidt Brothers BBQ Tool Set: For those who do not mess around when it comes to the grill. These sturdy, quality pieces are made from stainless steel and ash wood. Williams Sonoma, $99.95
  9. Award Winning BBQ Sauce Gift Set: Some of the best BBQ sauce there is and a flavor for each grilling mood! Amazon, $24.95


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Baker

For those who love all things sweet, who think baking a pie is a form of therapy, and who could stare at the hashtag #cake for hours.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Scoops of Flower Measuring Spoons: Why give regular flowers when you can give these adorable flower measuring spoons in a pot? Modcloth, $29.99
  2. Champagne & Strawberries Macaron Box: Champagne and strawberries, the perfect romantic combination. Gift this box of 12 macarons from NYC’s Dana Bakery with a bottle of actual bubbly., $31.49
  3. KitchenAid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer: Adorable (especially in the Guava color) and functional, this mini 3.5-quart KitchenAid is perfect for smaller kitchens. Amazon, $329.95
  4. Nice to Sweet You Soap Set: Make your favorite baker a gift basket with this adorable macaron soap set, actual edible macarons, and some luxury bubble baths. Modcloth, $14.99
  5. Women’s Frosted Cupcake Apron: How. Cute. I own way too many Flirty Aprons (including this one), and they even make some sexy satin aprons! Flirty Aprons, $34.95
  6. Red Velvet Macaron Making Kit: Red velvet and macarons, two things most people are sure to love (especially when combined together)., $23.99
  7. Up to Your Ears in It Robe: Could this retro donut fleece robe (with hooded ears!) be ANY cuter? Perhaps if it was paired with the macaron soap set above and a bottle of wine… Modcloth, $32.99
  8. Sissinghurst Castle Rolling Pin: Anthropologie makes the most lovely hand-painted stoneware rolling pins, and this one is no exception. Anthropologie, $32
  9. Layered: A truly gorgeous cookbook from blogger Tessa Huff filled with the most delicious layered cake recipes. Amazon, $19.38


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The #InstaFoodie

For those who appreciate a beautifully-composed Instagram photo and a great meal equally, who gravitate towards the pretty, and who love just a little bling.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Tiny Hearts Cookie Gift Set: These teeny, sparkly heart cookies in pretty pastels are perfect for composing that perfect Instagram flatlay. Eleni’s New York, $39.95
  2. Aukey Optic Pro Smartphone Lens: If your Valentine is obsessed with taking food photos, upgrade them to a macro clip-on lens for their smartphone, such as Aukey’s Ora Lens. Amazon, $24.99
  3. Marble Cutting Board: These custom-made marble cutting boards are functional and gorgeous, making your meal prep extra pretty. Domino, $34.99
  4. GLOW Chocolate Box: Why give a normal box of chocolates when you can gift this pretty set from Maggie Louise Confections? Complete with hand-painted pink and gold lipsticks, lips, and sparkly chocolates filled with peanut butter, caramel cream, and fluffy nougat. Domino, $47.99
  5. Kate Spade Eat Cake for Breakfast Travel Mug: Mornings would be a whole lot easier with this cheerful travel mug from Kate Spade. We really dig the lettered advice, too. Modcloth, $19.99
  6. Valentine’s Day Macarons: Macarons and Instagram go hand in hand. These dainty little confections from Dana’s Bakery are love-themed and adorable, in red velvet, raspberry, strawberry, and champagne flavors. Williams Sonoma, $44.95
  7. Gold Polka Dotted Pot Holder: These pretty pot holders would be lovely in a themed gift basket with some of her favorite goodies. Anthropologie, $14
  8. Gilded Greetings Cheese Board: This ‘Hello Lovely’ cheese board, is, well… lovely. Also in a ‘You Are My Favorite’ print, this gorgeous gold and marble board is perfect for any cheese lover. Anthropologie, $58
  9. Valentine’s Photo Marshmallow Box: Turn your favorite photos of the two of you into fluffy, tasty marshmallows. The company Boomf specializes in turning your Instagram pics into edible sugar clouds. Boomf, $25


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Chocoholic

For those who go loco for all things cocoa, who understand what bean-to-bar means, and who would reign down terror if Valentine’s Day didn’t include chocolate.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Cuisinart Cast Iron Fondue Set: This red fondue set is pretty perfect for V-Day. Make your chocoholic a romantic dinner and surprise them with this pot, chocolate fondue, and all the fixin’s. Amazon, $39.99
  2. Chuao Chocolate Subscription Box: Why give one box of chocolate when you can gift a subscription box that keeps on giving? Chuao Chocolatier makes a lovely 3-month subscription box, stuffed with gourmet bars, bonbons, hot cocoa, toffee, and more. Chauo Chocolatier, $69.95/3 months
  3. Chocolate Milk Stout Beer Brewing Kit: Should your Valentine happen to be a fan of both chocolate and beer, this brew-your-own kit would be a fun and unique gift. Amazon, $48
  4. The Complete MAST Chocolate Collection: Any chocolate fan has probably heard of MAST, the hyper-popular bean-to-bar chocolates that have shops set up in Brooklyn, London, LA, and Manhattan. Gift your Valentine the complete chocolate collection with 12 bars, including flavors Olive Oil, Maple, Goat Milk, and Vanilla. MAST, $75
  5. Love Mug Gift Kit: This cozy hot cocoa gift set includes two hot chocolate sticks, conversation hearts, vanilla bean marshmallows, and a cute bone china heart mug. Domino, $21.99
  6. Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness: The ultimate chocolate-lovers gift set. This box includes chocolate-covered jalapeno corn nuts, milk chocolate-covered animal crackers, chocolate almonds/coffee beans/pretzels, and more. Domino, $74.50
  7. S.W.A.K. Chocolate Crate: Pucker up with this sweet wooden crate filled with one whole pound of milk chocolate lips. Olive + Cocoa, $44
  8. 12 Piece Chocolate Gift Box: Chocolate meets luxury with this gift box, filled with white chocolate pearls, luster-dusted dark chocolate jewels, and sweet little crowns. Domino, $27.99
  9. Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit: Gift this set to your favorite chocoholic and the two of you can make rich chocolate truffles at home in several different flavors. Uncommon Goods, $34.95


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Foodies: The Perfect Host

For those who love to entertain, who can mix a flawless Tom Collins cocktail on the spot, and who have an affinity for the perfect cheese plate.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

  1. Set of 4 Tapas Serving Pieces: These colorful, modern tapas spoons are a lovely gift for your favorite host, especially paired with a Tapas at Home themed gift basket. Amazon, $17.50
  2. French Kitchen Marble Cheese Board: This gorgeous marble cheese board with slicer would make any host or cheese lover happy. Amazon, $16
  3. Copper Bar Set: If your Valentine’s favorite hobby is mixology, this four-piece copper-plated stainless steel bar set is as stylish as it gets. Williams Sonoma, $79.95
  4. Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water: The perfect book for anyone who loves to entertain. Learn how to create unique infused waters, olive oils, and libations. Amazon, $16.66
  5. The Happy Couple: As the name states, there’s something in this lovely gift set for both of you. Artisan jams, gourmet caramels, ginger-spice cocktail mix, hazelnut whiskey cookies, and more from famous chefs and bakers. Domino, $160
  6. Personalized Cutting Board: A personalized cutting board with your Valentine’s initials or both of your names is a unique addition to their kitchen. Uncommon Goods, $159
  7. Parfumerie Decanter: This glass plum decanter would be the prettiest way to serve wine at your next party. Anthropologie, $58
  8. Celestial Coaster Set: This cosmic coaster set comes in 7 gorgeous colors and is hand-crafted from clay. Anthropologie, $40
  9. Cocktail Syrups Gift Set: If cocktails are the centerpiece of your Valentine’s dinner parties, gift them this cockail syrup set made in Brooklyn, complete with lemon, grenadine, and ginger syrup. Food52, $45


I hope that you’ve enjoyed these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for foodies and found something perfect for your favorite foodie! This post contains affiliate links; thank you for supporting our humble little blog.

valentine's day gift ideas for foodies

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